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Monday, December 13, 2010

Walker Photoshoot!

Today I finally finished editing the photos from a session I did two Saturdays ago. I say finally because it's always my goal to get my photos done in 1 week. This last week was a fight to get any time in. I was battling sickness, a very needy baby, fatigue from being pregnant, and my 2 year anniversary was this weekend. Regardless, I loved this photoshoot the family was awesome so I had a ton of great photos to work with. The kids were great. It was freezing outside but they were such good sports. Their Mom had them very well trained in the art of posing for pictures. They were perfect little models for me. We had a great time at the museum. We were the only ones there so they let us use the artifacts as props! I felt like we were VIP's or something. They even let the kids sit in a classic car that they had displayed. It was a great day!

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