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Friday, March 2, 2012

The "M" family photo shoot @ Arnette Park!

When I got hired to do this photo shoot I was so excited!  It was seriously so much fun!  I love my job.  It was a good deal too.  We traded a photo shoot for a dog sitter for a month!  I won on that deal.  This is also a memorable photo shoot because it was the last one I did shooting on automatic.  After this one I decided to learn my manual settings on my camera.  It was a big moment for me!  I know it seems silly but making that switch was always something that intimidated me.  Learning how to shoot on manual was way easier than I thought it would be thanks to this blog  I'm still trying to perfect it but I love what my photography has become since this photoshoot.  I feel like I love this one too despite the use of Automatic :)


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